14 December 2016

The Dog Groom

In a small house lived a dog called Levi. This dog loved living with her owner Samantha. Every morning Levi would wake up on her comfortable bed and would run over to Samantha’s bedroom door, there she would wait until Samantha finally opened the door and cuddled Levi with her warm arms. Samantha always gave Levi a groom as soon as they see each other.

One day, Samantha decided to open up a Grooming Shop, for Dogs and Cats. Levi was trained to be nice to every animal in Magnolia City and so were the rest of the animals. The Grooming Shop was so popular that even the mayor went there for his cat.

The Mayor set up a Dog Show for: The Best Groomed. It was planned in a month. One month later The Dog Show was ready. Samantha groomed and groomed Levi until her fur was as soft as wool. There were 10 different dogs at The Show. The Judge was the Mayor looking at all the dogs finally he said – and the winner is……..Larry The Labrador! Although Levi didn’t win Samantha and Levi were happy that they participated, and Samantha still grooms Levi every morning.


Written by Deajah.

  • Tricia Pipers

    Tricia Pipers is the owner operator of South Paw Dog Grooming Hervey Bay Queensland 4655. Tricia is a professional dog groomer with over 10 years experience in the Dog Grooming business. Your pet dog will be in good hands, Tricia knows how to give your dog the best groom they deserve.