14 December 2016

Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs, can they get along? We've seen all the cartoons were these two animals just can not get along and love to mess up the others day. However as many of us have seen now on Youtube, sometimes these creatures become best of buddies, Milo and Oates style.

“Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you later.” – Mary Bly

The dog and cat almost couldn't be any more different from each other, yet especially when brought up together, they become good mates and partners in crime.

“Cat’s motto: No matter what you’ve done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it.”

  • Tricia Pipers

    Tricia Pipers is the owner operator of South Paw Dog Grooming Hervey Bay Queensland 4655. Tricia is a professional dog groomer with over 10 years experience in the Dog Grooming business. Your pet dog will be in good hands, Tricia knows how to give your dog the best groom they deserve.